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Get shared exam coaching to help students learn with confidence, and get real results.

What is this?
  • Classes are made up of no more that 6 students

  • Students will be taught by using an established exam coaching strategy

Who is this for?
  • Available for Grade 4 to Year 10

  • Classes can be shared with friends or family, or the student may choose to join an existing class

What do you get?
  • Weekly tutoring sessions covering exam focus areas: comprehension, writing, maths, verbal and numerical reason

  • Clear instructions and explanations to develop knowledge

  • Guided discussions and practical exercises to further understanding
  • Summarised key take away messages to consolidate learnings

  • A reasonable volume of homework to help consolidate the lessons taught in class. 


Schedule and fees
  • Class duration is 2 hours

  • Class schedule will vary depending on availability

  • Fees: 

              Year 4 - Year 6         $ 30/hr

              Year 7 - Year 8         $ 35/hr

              Year 9 - Year 10       $ 45/hr

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