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Get tailored and guided tuition to empower continuous learning.

What is this?
  • An on-going tutoring program to help students continuously work on their learning goals and achieve their desired outcomes

  • Students will attend weekly classes and will be given homework to help consolidate their learning during the week

  • There is the option for a tutor to come to you, at an additional cost - contact us today for more details

Who is this for?
  • Available for all students

  • Classes can have a maximum of 4 students. It is recommended that all students sharing the class are at the same learning level

  • Classes can be shared with friends or family, this will be organised by the students

What do you get?
  • Flexible tutoring sessions times

  • Clear explanations and practical exercises to further understanding

  • Summarised key take away messages and light homework exercises to consolidate learnings


Schedule and fees
  • Class duration and schedule will vary 

  • Fees: 

      Grade 5 - Year 10    $ 80/hr

      VCE                         $ 100/hr

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